Day-Long Retreats Winter 2017

Day-Long retreats provide refuge from everyday life, immersing participants in a healing process of insight and tranquility. As such, workshops are often referred to as day-long retreats.

Saturday Day-Long retreats begin at 10 AM and conclude at 4:45 PM unless otherwise noted, and they include a vegetarian buffet lunch. Workshops are open to all levels of students unless a prerequisite is specified.

Extend the benefits of your day-long by making it a weekendretreat! Day-long participants may arrange to stay overnight in one of the Institute’s comfortable guest rooms for an additional $45 per night. As a retreatant overnight workshop guests are offered complimentary Sunday morning meditation and Tibetan Yoga class. For a typical workshop schedule. 

Winter 2017 Day-Long Retreats

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KNR412 Food, Relaxation, and Movement as Medicine, January 14, (10 AM–4:45 PM)

Whole foods received by our bodies in an optimal state of digestion, provide fuel for energy, and the elements for building and repair of our structure and physiologic functioning. Relaxation through Kum Nye allows us to transform deeply held tensions in our subtle body energy system into circulating energy, and wake up areas that are dormant, healing at the deepest level. Healthy movement supports circulation of fluids and energy, releasing tension, and expressing our best intentions through action in the world. In this workshop we explore healing through food, relaxation and movement, utilizing Kum Nye Relaxation as our foundation.

Cost: $80. Instructor: Donna Morton. Suitable for all levels of students. Register online here.


MED401 How to Meditate, January 14 (10 AM–1 PM)

Meditation is the process of self-discovery. On one level the meditation experience shows us the patterns of our lives—how we have carried on our emotional characteristics since childhood. But on another level it frees us from these patterns, making it easier for us to see our inner potentials. Tarthang Tulku, Gesture of Balance.

This half-day workshop provides basic instruction in meditation and allows time to discuss how to sustain or renew a regular meditation practice. You will learn how to sit and focus the mind in silent meditation. You will also learn how to utilize Tibetan chanting in meditation. This workshop is a good introduction to the unique Nyingma approach to self-development, an approach that emphasizes individual responsibility and freedom.

Cost: $45. Instructor: Olivia Hurd. 10 AM–1 PM, followed by lunch. Suitable for beginning or intermediate students wishing to establish a regular meditation practice. Register online here.


DHS401 Visions of Enlightenment, January 20–21 (Friday, 7–9 PM; Saturday, 10 AM–4:45 PM) 

This workshop explores ways to connect with enlightened being: Visually, through a slide show on Tibetan sacred art; experientially, through mantra and meditations that evoke the Buddha; and cognitively through considering the three specific aspects of a Buddha’s embodiment.

Cost: $95. Instructors: Mark Henderson and Santosh Philip. Friday, 7–9 PM; Saturday, 10 AM–4:45 PM. Open to all with a sincere interest in the Buddha’s teachings. Register online here.


NPS401 Transforming Negative Emotions, January 28, (10 AM-4:45 PM)

Powerful meditations and analysis pacify unwanted emotions without suppressing them. First you will learn to balance and clear the mind, leading to insight into how emotions arise. Then you will be trained in techniques that transform negative emotional energy.

Cost: $80. Instructor: Erika Rosenberg. Suitable for all levels of students. No previous meditation experience required. Register online here.


KNR415 Stress Reduction through Tibetan Yoga, February 4 (10 AM–4:45 PM)

Keys to coping with stressful times come to us from the Tibetan tradition. They include meditation, movement, and awareness exercises that can melt tension in the body and mind. This workshop presents a series of easy exercises to help you relax and be ready to respond vibrantly to life’s challenges. The workshop includes ways to reverse addiction through the use of visualization and meditation.

Cost: $80. Instructor: Santosh Philip. All are welcome to this daylong workshop. Register online here.

February 11: Institute closed for community retreat.


DHS402 Faith in Dharma, February 17–18 (Friday, 7–9 PM; Saturday, 10 AM–4:45 PM)

The awakening of faith in the Dharma means that we have surrendered our heart to truth. This workshop teaches how to distinguish faith from mere belief and inquiry from skepticism. Class discussion and practice will focus on how to build inner confidence in our own abilities as we seek guidance from those who are wiser than ourselves.

Cost: $95. Instructor: Hugh Joswick. Prerequisite: Sincere interest in the Buddha’s teachings. Register online here.


KNR411 Touching the Heart of Kum Nye, February 25 (10 AM–4:45 PM)

The basic process of Kum Nye is to relax and balance our energies. To relax we integrate mind, body and senses. To balance our energies we touch our feelings deeply, expanding the flowing rhythms they bring to us. We discover what it means to be relaxed and balanced.

Cost: $80 Instructor: Peggy Kincaid. This workshop is free for all students currently enrolled in KNR201 Kum Nye: Inner and Outer Massage of Feeling. This workshop is open to all levels of experience with Kum Nye. Register online here.


SKM404 Open Communication, March 4 (10 AM–4:45 PM)

When we relax and open to ourselves and others, when we stop trying to protect ourselves and our ideas, when we calmly and meditatively interrelate with the world around us, we find that we can clearly communicate our ideas, and our goals naturally come into being. We are in tune with the world, and the world is in tune with us. — Tarthang Tulku, Skillful Means.

Mutual trust and creative dialogue develop most quickly when we exchange ideas by speaking and listening responsively in a setting of inner silence. In this workshop, we first learn to hear the thoughts that unfold in the privacy of our own minds and notice how often they are lonely, repetitive, or unproductive. With that knowledge, we practice interpersonal exercises that make it easy to speak and listen to others without private thoughts. Setting aside the inner dialogues that hamper communication, we open our hearts, get to know other people better, and learn more about ourselves.

Cost: $80. Instructor: Barr Rosenberg. Suitable for all levels of students. Register online here.

To register or for more information, please call (510) 809–1000 or email us at

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Typical Workshop Schedule

10:00 AM Instruction Session

11:30 AM Tea Break

12:00 PM Instruction Session

1:00 PM Vegetarian Lunch

2:00 PM Instruction Session

3:30 PM Tea Break

4:00 PM Instruction Session

4:45 PM Workshop Concludes

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