This Week At The Institute

This Week At The Institute:

Our Winter term is ongoing, browse through our many Classes and Day-Long Retreats. We look forward to seeing you!

Day-Long Retreat Saturday: Touching the Heart of Kum Nye, February 25 (10 AM–4:45 PM), includes lunch.

The basic process of Kum Nye is to relax and balance our energies. To relax we integrate mind, body and senses. To balance our energies we touch our feelings deeply, expanding the flowing rhythms they bring to us. We discover what it means to be relaxed and balanced.

Cost: $80 Instructor: Peggy Kincaid. This workshop is free for all students currently enrolled in KNR201 Kum Nye: Inner and Outer Massage of Feeling. This workshop is open to all levels of experience with Kum Nye. Register online here.


Sunday Morning Meditation

9–9:45 AM
Instructor: Santosh Philip (every Sunday in February)
Cost: $5. Free to currently enrolled students.

An opportunity to deepen your meditation practice and to introduce your friends or family to the benefits of Nyingma meditation. Each session includes brief meditation instruction followed by silent sitting. No pre-registration or prior experience necessary.

Sunday Kum Nye (Tibetan Yoga) Relaxation

10 AM-Noon
Instructor: Santosh Philip (every Sunday in February)
Cost: $15. Free to students in the Institute's Certificate Programs.

Discover the gentle movement exercises of Kum Nye (Tibetan Yoga): effective techniques for relaxation, healing, relieving tension, and revitalizing body and mind. Both experienced and beginning students are welcome to attend this drop-in class.

Sunday: Tibetan Chanting

5–5:45 PM

For centuries mantras have been an integral part of Tibetan Buddhist spiritual practice. This tradition is continued at the Nyingma Institute, and every Sunday a Nyingma Institute senior student or faculty member leads participants in chanting a special mantra known as the “Vajra Guru Mantra.” Calling on the power of compassionate wisdom, the mantra is:
(Pronounced: om ah hum vajra guru payma siddhee hum)

The mantra is chanted in a slow melodious way that helps deepen meditation and activate inner healing. Approximately thirty minutes of chanting is followed by ten to fifteen minutes of silent sitting.

Participating at the Nyingma Institute: The chant is held Sundays at 5 PM in the Institute’s main meditation room. Please plan on arriving a few minutes before 5 PM. Both cushions and chairs are available for participants. All are welcome to attend this free event.

Participating Online: You can participate in the chant online through this link: Sunday Chant. The link is activated from 5-5:45 PM, allowing you to follow the live-streaming audio. The chanting typically gets underway at a few minutes after 5 PM.

Sunday Talks

6–7 PM

A talk on Nyingma teachings is presented by a Nyingma Institute faculty member or visiting scholar every Sunday. See all upcoming talks here.

February 26: Barr Rosenberg on "Open Communication"

When we open to the possibilities that communication offers, we find precious opportunities for learning and self-discovery. Mutual focus comes spontaneously when we attend to one another, and leads to inner silence and alert responsiveness. Nyingma Institute instructor Barr Rosenberg will examine how communication enhances productive thinking and supports a path of working well with knowledge.